Unable to install Sitecore Commerce 9.3 - CommerceEngine-Initialize step have 403 error

The admin user is missing a specific role will cause failed to install Sitecore commerce 9.3
This is permission issue. The user (normally is Sitecore administrator) you use to install the Sitecore commerce need to have "sitecore\Commerce Administrator" role.

I have Sitecore 9.3 installed at my local already, as a new eCommerce project will start soon it will be good for me to try Sitecore Commerce first.

The latest version is Sitecore Commerce 9.3. I download the package and follow the instruction to modify the install script - Deploy-Sitecore-Commerce.ps1

The installation stop at CommerceEngine-Initialize step, and always return 403 error.

It turns out because of i moved the Users and Roles to a separated security table, but the install script still using core database.

If you have same issue, you will need to update file Configuration\Commerce\CEConnect\CEConnect.UsersAndRoles.json to with correct connection string to your security database.